Dagmar Freuchen's Cookbook of the Seven Seas

Dagmar Freuchen's Cookbook of the Seven Seas presents a blend of international recipes form around the world. You'll enjoy preparing gourmet recipes for every meal. Try a different regional dish each night of the week!


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 256 pages. 

Copyright: 1968, Book Club Edition. 

Publisher: M. Evans and Company, Inc. 

Author: Dagmar Freuchen 

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Description: Dagmar Freuchen's interest in cooking began with her marriage to a bold, towering Arctic explorer named Peter Freuchen. He knew first-hand the finest as well as the most primitive of the world's cuisines. And he could compare his new wife's cooking with the food served to him by friends who were Cordon Bleu chefs. 

Dagmar learned to recreate the marvelous culinary memories of her own and Peter's childhoods in Denmark. She learned how to cope with descriptions Peter brought back of dishes he had eaten and enjoyed in far away places. And she mastered the technique of obtaining a recipe in a fine restaurant in any part of the world or even at a dinner party. 

Inside the Cookbook of the Seven Seas is a rich and rewardingly different collection of gourmet recipes. They are grouped into seven sections that cover most of the world. The majority of them are for meat and vegetable dishes of every description. There are also a great many fish recipes. But variety is the real keynote to this book of favorite foods: Cherry Soup and Lobster Soup; Turkish Roast Chicken, Stuffed Zucchini, Sweet Couscous, and Carrot Halva; Korean Garlic Steak, Lobster Sashimi and Egg Custard; Coconut Marinated Fish and Burmese Duck. 

Dagmar Freuchen invites you in cordially; to try her recipes, and to hear her warm and frequently amusing anecdotes that reveal so much about her life with Peter.

Hers is an uncommon cookbook, handsomely presented and beautifully designed. Dagmar Freuchen is an artist by profession, and the illustrations that add such charm to these pages are all her own. 


Condition: Good condition with some small tears on jacket edges and flap. 

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