Cook Until Done: A Collection of Unexpected Recipes

Cook Until Done: A Collection of Unexpected Recipes is a vintage 1962 cookbook from George Bradshaw, a well-known short-story writer. Ruth Norman, a CBS cooking school TV show demonstrator co-authored Cook Until Done. This book is fun to read, as well as use in the kitchen, with a great range of recipes. Dishes like Peach Souffle, Scallops with Lemon, and Quiche Lorraine are some of the recipes inside. The recipes are all written in a non-traditional, narrative style with ingredients mixed in with the preparation description. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 181 pages. 

Copyright: 1962 

Publisher: M. Barrows and Company 

Author: George Bradshaw and Ruth Norman 

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Description: George Bradshaw is a very funny man who -- once upon a time -- didn't know "what was meant by a tablespoon of flour." He has since learned to cook in an assortment of places and kitchens from Algiers to Santa Barbara -- and from Ruth Norman. Most of the recipes in Cook Until Done are from her files. 

Their collection is unconventional, sophisticated, and sensible. It will inspire cooks who can cook and cooks who can't. For once, here is a book that is truly entertaining, full of original ideas, and a boon to those who think they are helpless at the stove. Mr. Bradshaw is a lucid and witty writer who can even explain to you how to cook something until it is done -- properly done -- a matter of knowing what it is you are trying to do, regardless of how long a recipe may say you should boil an egg or simmer an all-day masterpiece. 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tears. There is a large marker spot on the outside edges of the book's pages (seen mainly when book is shut from underside). Further good condition. 

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