Cook is in the Parlor Vintage Cookbook - 1948

The Cook is in the Parlor vintage cookbook 1948 edition features menus for celebrations and special occasions. The Cocktail Party, The Husband Cooks, and The Men Are Wearing Black Ties, are some of the chapters inside The Cook is in the Parlor. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 310 pages. 

Copyright: 1948 

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company 

Author: Marguerite Gilbert McCarthy 

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Description: It is a cook book full of menus for all sorts of occasions from Sunday morning breakfast to dinner for two to dessert bridge, with recipes to make every dish in the meal a delicious one. And it tells how to prepare these dishes without neglecting the guests or scrambling at the last minute. 

The recipes are both unusual and sensible, compiled for brides and inexperienced cooks, as well as more seasoned hostesses. They contain many suggestions for making the most of everything that comes from the butcher, the grocer, or off the pantry shelf, and there is a large variety to choose from in planning each type of party. For example, the "Versatile Hamburger*' appears in 23 forms! 

Mrs. McCarthy, who is a renowned hostess of the West Coast, believes there is no great secret to success in entertaining -- it is just a matter of deciding whether to work and worry before the party, or during the party, or after the party. She has compiled in this book recipes which can be prepared ahead of time, served with ease, eaten with relish and relaxation. 


Condition: Good condition. Very light bend in pages.

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