The Complete Barbecue Book - 1951

The Complete Barbecue Book, a vintage 1951 cookbook by John and Marie Roberson presents 300 barbecue recipes and how-to instructions for parties. This is a fun collectible and recipe guide with a wonderful cover design. It has all kinds of recipes that are perfect for the upcoming barbecue season and is a timeless cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 294 pages. 

Copyright: 1951 

Publisher: Bramhall House 

Author: John and Marie Roberson 

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Description: Here, at last, is the two-books-in-one handbook or barbecue cooking for every climate at every season. It is a complete how-to-do-it guide covering every detail of building and improvising barbecue pits and fireplaces, indoors and out, and outlining the techniques of successful barbecue cookery. In addition it is a recipe book chock-full of old favorites and tempting new dishes. Together with complete menus for every occasion, it gives wider scope to your flair for fine cooking. 

Each of the 300 recipes has been tested in the kitchen by a well-known home economist and then actually used under every kind of barbecue condition by the authors. Each technique has been worked out during long years of enjoyable barbecues by the authors. 

For an idea of just how complete and comprehensive this book is, just glance at the index. Notice, too, the clever and amusing illustrations by Doremus, the detailed and easy-to-follow sketches and drawings which make this a real how-to-do-it book. 

There's fun for everyone in barbecue cooking, and the yum-yum specialties that result There's fun for everyone in barbecue cooking, and the yum-yum specialties that result aren't limited to any one season. Let the Robersons show you, in this book, how to enjoy your barbecue favorites any time and almost any place. 

Written by the authors of the popular Chafing Dish Cookbook and The Casserole Cookbook, you'll find The Complete Barbecue Book one of the best-liked and most practical cookbooks on your shelf. 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tears. Further good condition. 

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