Complete Family Cook Book - Vintage 3-Ring Binder

Complete Family Cook Book - Vintage 3-Ring Binder is a wonderful and comprehensive cookbook with 2,000 of America's favorite recipes from the time of publishing. This cookbook was often part of retail or grocery promotion and given out in parts, chapters or as a completed cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover 3-ring binder, 508 pages including index and two 32-page supplements

Copyright: 1970 

Publisher: Curtin Productions, Inc. 

Author: Editorial staff 

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Description: We take great pride in offering you this Cookbook, and hope that it will bring you great pleasure. We have tried to make it the best, easiest-to-use Cookbook you could own by including every feature you might find convenient, practical and yet exciting. Many of these features are unique. 

Our aim has been to make this a comprehensive cookbook, and so we have included many tried-and-true favorites of families across the country. We have also included a great many variations on these old favorites and flavorful new combinations. Wherever possible, we have made use of new food products and new techniques. 

Regional Recipes 
As a very special feature, we have added a section on Regional Favorites, bringing in the best in American food from North, South, East and West. Before now, many of these recipes have not been known outside their part of the country. All of them are wonderful adventures in good eating. 

One of the most useful and unusual features of this book is the suggested menu that appears before each recipe in each section of main courses; Meat, Poultry, Fish and Shellfish. You have instant meal ideas in front of you to save you time in planning and shopping. Each menu has been carefully thought out to give your family a variety of meals with appealing color, texture and flavor combinations. For further ease, every recipe in the menus can be found in their appropriate section in this Cookbook. 

Casseroles, Quick Meals and Barbecuing 
Because there are so many demands on your time as a modern homemaker, we have set aside a section just for Casseroles and Quick Meals. These delicious dishes are ideal for spur-of-the-moment meals or for preparation ahead of time. 

Cooking and eating outdoors is so popular from coast-to-coast that we have devoted a whole section to recipes for barbecued Meats, Poultry, Fish and Shell- fish, and for delectable basting sauces and marinades. 


Condition: Very good condition except bottom corner tip of front cover is slightly frayed. 

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