Complete Book of Mexican Cooking

The Complete Book of Mexican Cooking is a vintage cookbook from 1967 that presents over 340 recipes from preparation of the basics (tacos and tortillas) to preparation of soups, meat and seafood dishes and more. Author Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz shares information on exotic ingredients used in Mexican cookery. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 352 pages 

Copyright: 1967 

Publisher: M. Evans and Company, Inc. 

Author: Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz 

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Description: Here in this classic book is the rich variety of the Mexican kitchen, along with explanations of basic Mexican ingredients and cooking methods. From familiar foods such as tacos and tortillas, the book moves on to many unusual soups and main courses that are sure to be a treat for those who have never sampled these authentic Mexican delights. 

Mrs. Ortiz's more than 350 recipes offer the reader a unique feast and a rare adventure. Recipes for eggs, vegetables, salads, desserts, and drinks are included. And there is a list of stores where Mexican ingredients and cooking utensils can be bought either directly or by mail. All in all, The Complete Book of Mexican Cooking is a splendid introduction to the highly diversified cuisine of Mexico. 


Condition: Cover near spine has very small worn off piece of cover material. Further good condition. 

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