The Complete Book of Chinese Cooking Cookbook

The Complete Book of Chinese Cooking cookbook covers a range of recipe favorites old and new. With photos of each prepared dish, and step-by-step photos, this cookbook will ensure you learn the art of cooking Chinese meals like a pro. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 256 pages 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Thunder Bay Press 

Author: Veronica Sperling and Christine Mcfadden 

ISBN: 9781571451385

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Description: This inspiring cook book offers a fascinating range of delicious dishes for you to create in your own kitchen, from old favorites such as Sweet & Sour Pork and Aromatic & Crispy Duck, to less familiar hot spicy dishes from Szechuan, such as Bang Bang Chicken and Beef & Chilli Black Bean Sauce. 

The introduction to The Complete Book of Chinese Cooking explores the differences in Chinese regional cooking, describing the uses and properties of all the many ingredients. It explains how to plan a Chinese meal, tells you all you need to know about specialist cooking equipment and techniques, and gives invaluable tips on the all-important art of garnishing. The chapter on appetizers includes recipes for mouthwatering favorites such as Crispy Seaweed, Spring Rolls and Deep-Fried Spare Ribs, while the chapter on salads and pickles shows you how to turn fresh, lightly cooked or pickled vegetables into tasty side dishes. 

Soups -- an all-important part of the Chinese meal -- are covered in a comprehensive selection of delicious recipes. An exciting chapter on fish and seafood gives you ideas for crab, scallops and squid, as well as palate tingling variations on stir-fried prawns (shrimp). There are countless ideas for poultry and meat dishes, ranging from mildly flavored Chicken with Beansprouts to the harmoniously balanced hot, sour and salty flavors of Kung Po Chicken with Cashew. You'll also enjoy Lamb & Ginger Stir-Fry and Peppered Beef Cashew. 

Reflecting the vast range of vegetables grown in China, the substantial chapter on vegetable dishes will appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The recipes demonstrate the variety of inspiring dishes which can be created from the simplest of produce. Rice and noodles form the basis for all Chinese meals and the recipes for these range from simple Egg Fried Rice to the more exotic Fragrant Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaves. 

With helpful step-by-step photographs and a superb photograph of each finished dish, you'll soon appreciate the speed and ease with which Chinese food can be cooked, whether it is for a complete meal or as an accompaniment to a Western-style main dish. 

This series is a superb collection of easy-to-follow cook books. Illustrated in full color throughout, each book contains more than 100 recipes ranging from traditional classics to stylish modern dishes. Every recipe is illustrated with step-by-step photographs and a full color photograph of the finished dish, which guarantee foolproof results every time. At the beginning of each book there is an invaluable section on specialit techniques, ingredients and basic recipes. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in beautiful condition. Dust jacket's top edge is slightly frayed. 

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