Mary and Vincent Price Come Into the Kitchen Cookbook

Mary and Vincent Price's Come Into the Kitchen Cookbook is a nice collectible vintage cookbook with recipes from the movie actor and his wife. This book followed their popular Treasury of Great Recipes and showcases American cuisine. 


Format: Hardcover, 212 pages 

Copyright: 1969 

Publisher: Stravon Educational Press 

Author: Mary and Vincent Price 

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Description: Vincent Price is the distinguished American actor known to millions of theatergoers for his many successful roles on both stage and screen. 

Less well known but probably more cherished by him is the career he originally embarked upon -- that of art historian. A graduate of Yale University in art history, he actively pursues this first love as art collector, consultant, and lecturer. He is a member of the Art Department faculty at the University of Southern California, and he has published a highly regarded book on art history and appreciation, I Like What I Know. 

Price's hobby (which now amounts to a third career) is collecting interesting and unusual recipes from all over the world, gleaned from his extensive travels. With his wife Mary, a noted costume designer and an authority on Americana, he constantly tests in their own beautiful kitchen the recipes he comes upon in his travels. 

The hobby has already resulted in two books of outstanding culinary merit. The first, A Treasury of Great Recipes, presented unique recipes from the world's greatest restaurants. This was followed by A National Treasury of Cookery, consisting of American recipes from pre-Colonial days to the end of the 19th century. The present book, Come Into the Kitchen Cook Book, based on A National Treasury of Cookery, brings American cookery right into the 1970's. 



Condition: Good condition. No jacket. 

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