Clive Berkman Cookbook - Creating Empty Bottle Moments

Clive Berkman Cookbook - Creating Empty Bottle Moments reflects top Houston chef Berkman's practice of turning ordinary meals into extraordinary memories. Award winner Berkman creates some 120 recipes for cooks to recreate in their home kitchen. Dishes include the likes of Bahamian Lamb Curry, Roasted Beets with Warm Dijon Vinaigrette, Cajun Barbequed Shrimp, Snapper with Crab Provencale, Eggplant Casserole, and Caramel Pecan Apple Crisp. You are sure to love this top rated cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 256 pages 

Copyright: 2009 

Publisher: Baxter Press 

Author: Clive Berkman 

ISBN: 9781888237719

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Description: My philosophy of cooking and my philosophy of life combine two seemingly opposite traits: a commitment to excellence and a lighthearted joy. Some people become obsessive about doing everything perfectly, and they don't enjoy cooking, the presentation of the meal, or the people they serve. As you'll see in several places in Creating Empty Bottle Moments cookbook, I believe there are more important things than getting everything perfect. If you make a mistake, don't worry about it. If you don't have exactly the right ingredients, use what you have and create a new dish. It may be even better than the original recipe! Develop some basic skills, and add a huge dollop of creativity and love to everything you do. 


Condition: Very good condition. 

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