Clementine in the Kitchen Vintage Cookbook

Clementine in the Kitchen is not just any vintage cookbook, it is part literature, part French recipe book, and part humor and has been likened to a novel style cookbook. It centers around Clementine, the author's French cook. Chamberlain was a writer for Gourmet Magazine. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 250 pages. 

Copyright: 1963, Ninth Printing Revised and Enlarge - Book Club Edition 

Publisher: Hastings House 

Author: Phineas Beck (Samuel Chamberlain) 

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Description:  When Clementine first appeared in print twenty years ago, she charmed readers with her wit and wisdom and her culinary accomplishments. Now this classic of gastronomic literature, unique combination of recipes, reminiscences and humor, brings Clementine back to the public in a new, enlarged anniversary edition, revised by Mrs. Narcissa G. Chamberlain, and containing 42 new recipes. 

Clementine, the round, rosy-cheeked Burgundian, familiar to all Gourmet Magazine readers, was actually the treasured cook of the Chamberlains when they were living in pre-war France. Presiding over the kitchen, Clementine produced such memorable Poulet Cintra, such rare souffles that, when war threatened, the Chamberlains persuaded her to return with them to their home in New England. 

It was inevitable that Clementine's encounters with American customs, cooking and supermarkets would be full of surprises for all concerned. Happily, Clementine measured up to the challenge and began adapting French cooking to American food, with unforgettably delicious results. 

"Whether you have visited France or not, you'll chuckle and drool as you read," wrote Gourmet Magazine. "If you are looking for a cookbook that's different, you'll soon feel that this is the best adaptation of the French provincial cuisine to American markets and cooking methods that has ever been offered to American connoisseurs -- a necessity for every kitchen where good food is considered an art." 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tear at top edge front cover and back edge bottom cover with some wear at corners. Further, good condition. 

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