Classic Scandinavian Cooking Cookbook

Classic Scandinavian Cooking Cookbook presents over 200 easy-to-make recipes from around Scandinavia. Cuisines include Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and Icelandic. Some of the memorable recipes include Swedish Cream Meringue Torte, Swedish Lobster Souffle, Danish Sugar-Browned Potatos, Finnish Brown Bread, Danish Pork or Frikadeller, and Swedish Christmas Rice Porridge. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 258 pages 

Copyright: 1987, Revised Edition 

Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons 

Author: Nika Hazelton 

ISBN: 9780684186368

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Description: More than twenty years ago, Nika Hazelton introduced adventurous American cooks to such delicacies as Danish red cabbage soup and Swedish lutfisk with The Art of Scandinavian Cooking. Now, in Classic Scandinavian Cooking, Nika Hazelton shares her expertise with a new generation. Revised and updated to reflect the changes in Scandinavian and American diets, the recipes in Classic Scandinavian Cooking have been tailored to reduce fat and sugar -- without sacrificing taste. 

In Classic Scandinavian Cooking, Nika Hazelton has gathered more than 200 recipes for the best, easy-to-prepare dishes of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. In the colorful and highly personal style for which she is celebrated, Nika Hazelton provides a veritable cooking-school course on Scandinavian cuisine. 

She begins with that staple of easy and elegant Swedish entertaining, the smorgasbord. From help with planning the menu -- which might include smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, pickled herring, crabmeat aspic, jellied fruit and vegetable salads, to name but a few of the traditional dishes -- to special suggestions on serving and presentation, Nika Hazelton tells you everything you need to know to prepare a welcoming feast for family or friends. She also gives dozens of tempting ideas for smorrebrod -- those delectable open-faced sandwiches so familiar to Scandinavian travelers. 

You'll learn how to prepare traditional Swedish meatballs and Danish hash, Norwegian cauliflower soup and Danish hot buttermilk soup, delicious fish salads and hearty Finnish brown bread. And, of course, Nika Hazelton lets you in on the secrets behind mouth-watering Scandinavian desserts, from authentic pastries to Norwegian prune puddings. You'll even be initiated into the mysteries of drinking aivavit -- wait for your host to say "skol," then toss down your drink in a single gulp! 

Rich in local history and folklore, seasoned with personal anecdotes, Classic Scandinavian Cooking lets you travel to Scandinavia without leaving your kitchen. So Velkommen til bords -- Welcome to the table! 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has some light age discoloration. 

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