Classic Sauces and Their Preparation Raymond Oliver

Chef Raymond Oliver published this Classic Sauces and Their Preparation Cookbook in conjunction with The Wine and Food Society. This vintage cookbook was published in 1967. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 197 pages. 

Copyright: 1967 

Publisher: Wine and Food Society with World Publishing Company 

Author: Raymond Oliver 

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Description: Raymond Oliver, patron of that famous Paris restaurant, Le Grand Vefour and author of Gastronomy of France, is well qualified to write a treatise on the history and technique of making the classic French sauces. This book deals with many variations, both French and exotic, but its primary purpose is to teach that most delicate art -- the correct preparation of the great foundation sauces. The author begins by announcing that if a cook can learn the correct way to make three sauces, all the rest will follow. He selects Mayonnaise, to represent the hot and cold emulsified sauces, Espagnole to represent sauces in which tomato is required, and Bechamel to represent the sauces in which flour is used. Sauce making is the very soul of cooking, he adds, and once the basics have been mastered everything else will follow. 

The author is well known as an unconventional chef who is not afraid to knock down a few idols. In many instances he gives both the traditional method of preparation and the simpler, modern methods which take into account today's kitchen equipment, the blender for example. 

Extremely clear technical description is used to help the reader through the sometimes difficult detail that characterizes classic cooking. If the reader follows Raymond Oliver carefully very fine results will be obtained. In the past most writers on sauces have tended to gloss over difficulties; here they are plainly brought to the reader's attention and the solutions are as plainly stated. 

The book is handsomely illustrated by eight color plates and a number of two-color line drawings. 


Condition: Interior flap and opening pages have piece clipped off at top corners. Further, good condition. 

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