Ciao Sicily Cookbook Recipes from Cucina Sicilia PBS TV Series

Damian Mandola and John Carrabba, Houston restaurant legends, bring you this Ciao Sicily Italian cookbook. Recipes are from the PBS TV Series Cucina Sicilia


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 191 pages. 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: Bright Sky Press 

Author: Johnny Carrabba & Damian Mandola 

ISBN: 9781931721264

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Description: Thanks to the waves of immigration from Sicily that transformed this country through the 1800s, Sicilian food became America's "Italian food," by way of delightful no-frills eateries in Little Italy's everywhere, as well as by way of Sicilian mammas who loved nothing better than feeding the whole neighborhood. 

Houston restaurant legends Mandola and Carrabba have spent their lives cooking, eating, and talking food -- food their ancestors made (and their relatives still make) in Sicily. The two have traveled to the very villages their families once called home, cooking dishes with Sicilian cooks in Sicilian kitchens -- the very foods Damian and Johnny now share with viewers of their popular PBS series Cucina Sicilia and in the pages of Ciao Sicily. 

Sicilian food is rustic -- complex in flavor yet simple in technique -- and celebrates its fresh seafoods, meats, vegetables and fruits, speaks directly of the cultural influences -- Italian, Greek, Spanish, Arab, and North African -- which shaped the Sicilian cuisine. From Bruschetta and Fried Artichokes, to Rigatoni with Caciocavallo and Eggplant, St. Joseph's Day Soup, Swordfish Stew with Capers, Pork Loin with Rosemary and Fennel, Couscous alia Trapanese, to desserts, Cassata and Walnut Fig Torre -- these "big Sicilian boys from Texas" share their Sicily with you. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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