Chuck Wagon Cookin'

Chuck Wagon Cookin' is an authentic collection of roundup lore, cowboy humor, and 112 old-time dutch over recipes. 


Format: Softcover, 170 pages. 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: University Of Arizona Press 

Author: Stella Hughes 

ISBN: 9780816504329

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Description: Stella Hughes has cooked over a lot of fires for a lot of cowboys and talked with old-timers who wandered in the mysteries of chuck wagon cooking all their lives. Now she has captured the spirit of all the pot wrestlers who ever stirred a mess of frijoles. Chuck Wagon Cooking is a tantalizing collection of cowcamp cook tales and 112 authentic old-time dutch oven recipes. 

"We know enough about camp-cooking to realize that Stella Hughes has written the bible on the subject." (Hoof and Horn) "We haven't had a book that was so much fun to read for a long time." (Journal of the West) 


Condition: Good condition. 

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