Floris Book of Cakes Cookbook

Floris Book of Cakes Cookbook by the owner of the former House of Floris in London. The book offers step-by-step instruction recipe preparation. You'll also learn to deorate. The book contains all sorts of wonderful recipes from the House of Floris. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pages 

Copyright: 1981 

Publisher: Andre Deutsch 

Author: Christopher Floris 

ISBN: 9780233969787

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Description: For many years the House of Floris in Brewer Street was a London landmark. Now, alas, after the untimely death of Christopher Floris, the shop has closed its doors. All the more need then for this excellent book which preserves for ever the recipes that made the House of Floris famous. 

The less experienced cook may like to start with some of the simpler recipes -- and there are plenty of these, ranging from Apple Cake and Madeleines to Brandy Snaps -- before trying the more ambitious ones. But there isn't a cook with a spark of adventurousness who won't succumb to the gateaux -- the Sacher and Linzer tortes, the fabulous Gateau St Honore and the chilly delight of the refrigerated Witches' Cream. Although the most glorious cakes (like the Floris Wedding Cake) require a good deal of application, there is nothing mystifying about them. 

Christopher Floris, a good-humoured and practical cook, gives step-by-step directions. There is also a whole chapter devoted to the art of cake decoration, so that any cook can recreate those elaborate toppings for which Floris was famous. 

Illustrated with eight pages of luscious colour (photographs by Robert Golden) The Floris Book of Cakes should be required reading for all aspiring home bakers -- and especially for those with a sweet tooth. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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