Christmas Cookies Cookbook

Everyone's favorite holiday season of the year is brightened up with cookie recipes. The Christmas Cookies cookbook focuses around this beloved treat. 


Format: Softcover, 91 pages 

Copyright: 1987 

Publisher: Oxmoor House 

Author: Ellen W. de Lathouder  

ISBN: 9780848707019

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Christmas time is cookie time! Brown-suited gingerbread men with raisins for buttons and icing for hair; red-and green-sugared Christmas trees and Santas posing as delectable ornaments; cookies flavored with bourbon and coconut before they are shaped into balls and rolled in sugar; date-filled, lemon-filled, and jelly-filled cookies; and perennial favorites, such as brownies and chocolate chip cookies, are truly the makings of Christmas cheer.  

But the fun really begins with the baking, when the rolling pin and flour bin, mixing bowls and cookie sheets, pecans and candied fruit, sprinkles and spices are assembled, and when the eager helpers, young and old, assemble on their own.  

What is more homey than a kitchen filled with apron-clad children and the aroma of warm cookies? More productive than a cheerful assembly line making cookies for holiday entertainment and gift giving? More heartwarming than a gift of homemade Christmas cookies? 

The recipes are organized according to the method of preparation. If the cookies are baked in a pan and cut into bars or squares, that's where you'll find them, in "Bars and Squares." Cookies made of dough dropped from a spoon onto a cookie sheet are "Drop Cookies." When the dough is rolled out and cut with a cutter or chilled and then sliced with a knife, the recipe appears in "Rolled and Sliced Cookies." "Shaped Cookies" are shaped by hand or cookie press. The methods all come together in the final chapter where an array of "Foreign Cookies" takes shape.  


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in nice and clean condition. 

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