Chorizos in an Iron Skillet Cookbook

Chorizos in an Iron Skillet Cookbook covers Basque cooking in America. If you are unfamiliar with this delicious cuisine from Spain, you will enjoy learning new recipes for exciting foods like Chicken with Chocolate, Fried Custard Squares, Onion Soup Basquaise, and Saffron Rice. 


Format: Softcover, 208 pages 

Copyright: 2002 

Publisher: University of Nevada Press 

Author: Mary Ancho Davis 

ISBN: 9780874174458

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Description: Mary Ancho Davis invites everyone to join her at the table as she recalls her family's personal traditions and history and shares special memories from her mother Dominga's kitchen. From huge cream puffs filled with heavy cream skimmed from the top of raw milk, to recollections of ringing the iron triangle hanging from a tree branch outside the kitchen door, Ancho Davis offers wonderful details about life and meals on her family's Basque ranch in Chorizos in an Iron Skillet. 

When Ancho Davis's mother emigrated to the United States from Vizcaya, Spain, she brought many traditional Basque family recipes. Soon after arriving in the vast western land of Nevada, she realized that her ancestors' culinary traditions would need to be altered and adapted in her new home. No longer were standard ingredients readily available as they had been in the Old Country. Dorninga also learned to adjust favorite recipes to accommodate the taste of friends, neighbors, and ranch hands not familiar with Basque flavors. 

In this charming cookbook, Mary Ancho Davis traces a clear path from the Old Country traditional dishes to their modern versions as she shares her family's recipes and details the evolution of Basque cooking in America. A personal cookbook from one Basque family, Chorizos in an Iron Skillet is an engaging cultural study of culinary traditions that spans several generations of Basque immigration to the American West. 

With recipes for everything from Chicken with Chocolate and Dominga's Chorizos to Martin Ranch Apricot Pie, these Basque ranch dishes offer a multitude of delicious ideas for down-home cooking. Illustrated with photographs from the Ancho family and including helpful advice on both ingredients and cooking techniques, Chorizos in an Iron Skillet is the perfect kitchen companion for filling your home with the flavors and aromas of Basque cooking. 


Condition: Good condition. Light bend. 

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