Chinese Regional Cooking Cookbook

Chinese Regional Cooking cookbook is a good instruction book in Chinese cooking. There are many color photos of the step-by-step techniques for the recipes. Everything from Bird's Nest Soup to Peking Duck are all found inside. No matter whether you love Mandarin dishes or Cantonese, this book has it all. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 224 pages 

Copyright: 1979 

Publisher: May Flower Books 

Author: Deh-Ta Hsiung 

ISBN: 9780831712631

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Description: The perfect book for every cook who wants to master the art of Chinese cooking. Now the many exotic joys of authentic Chinese cooking can be enjoyed by all. Chinese Regional Cooking provides the most complete range of information available on each aspect of Chinese cooking: ingredients, step-by-step cooking techniques, the best way to arrange and serve food, intriguing tips on herbs and tea, and an incredible variety of recipes ! 

Specially-taken full color photographs support detailed explanations of the distinctive schools: Peking (Mandarin), Shanghai, Sichuan, Canton, plus dozens of lesser-known regions which have completely different and unusual traditions. 

Deliciously tempting dishes for all occasions -- Peking duck, Lotus-leaf pancakes, Sweet and sour pork, Plum-blossom and snow, Bird's nest soup, Won't stick three ways, and so much more! 

Chinese Regional Cooking is destined to become the classic cook book on one of the world's most delightful culinary experiences. 


Condition: Title page has a first name inscribed in ink. Back cover has a two small tears at top edge.

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