Chinese Home Cooking Cookbook - Cantonese Recipes

Chinese Home Cooking Cookbook shares over 100 Cantonese recipes like Drunk Chicken, Crab with Black Bean Sauce, Pork with Plums, Steamed Silver Strand Rolls, and more. This is a great vintage cookbook published in 1972 by Julia Chih Cheng, the younger sister of Nancy Chih Ma, an international expert in Chinese cooking. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 136 pages 

Copyright: 1972. First edition 

Publisher: Kodansha International 

Author: Julia Chih Cheng 

ISBN: 9780870111716

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Description: Like the Chinese language, Chinese food is something all to itself. It has its own poetry, its own prose, its own oratory, and its own earthy proverbs. What it says is always good -- often beautiful. It all depends on how the ingredients are combined. 

Chinese cooking started in ordinary kitchens. The familiar images of exotic court banquets or the opposite extreme of fried rice and long noodles are only the north and south poles of an entire world of cooking. In between lie the pleasures of the food people enjoy at home -- both simple, everyday fare and those special things for festive occasions. 

This book is for people who like good food. Here are over one hundred Cantonese recipes selected by a Chinese housewife and mother, representing the dishes she knows her family and guests enjoy, and presented for everyone who likes to cook and for all who like to eat at home. The author's philosophy is simple: Cook the ingredients just right, put them in the right sauce -- and you have a Chinese dish.  

Chinese cooking is a way of expression that remains as valid today as the words of China's ancient sages. It is a way of saying beautiful things, whether simple or grand. It all depends on how you put the ingredients together. 


Condition: Very good condition. 

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