The Essential Kitchen Dim Sum

The Essential Kitchen Dim Sum cookbook brings you options for a range of filled pastries, buns, dumplings, and more. Dim Sum comes to you from teahouses in China. This cookbook will inspire you to prepare these delicious treats in your own home kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 111 pages. 

Copyright: 1999 

Publisher: Periplus Editions 

Author: Vicki Liley 

ISBN: 9789625935287

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Description: Delicious dim sum -- tasty morsels such as pastries, dumplings and buns with meat, vegetable or seafood fillings -- is an ancient Chinese teahouse tradition. Served with steaming pots of fragrant Chinese tea, dim sum. also known as yum cha. is now a popular Sunday morning treat for many. 

This book shows you how simple it is to make these tempting dishes in your own kitchen, recipes include dim sum favorites such as Pearl Balls. Stuffed Crab Claws. Shrimp Toast, and Pork Buns. You'll also find dipping sauces and desserts like delicate Chinese Custard Tarts to conclude a dim sum feast. 

Descriptions of key ingredients, information on special equipment and utensils, and cooking methods explained step-by-step enable you to prepare the recipes with the utmost ease. Tips are offered for preparing tea. the traditional dim sum beverage. 

Filled with elegant, tantalizing photographs, this beautiful book is sure to become a favorite in your kitchen. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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