Chinese Appetizers and Garnishes

Chinese Appetizers and Garnishes - Wei-Chuan's Cookbook contains both English and Chinese Languages. Full color photos accompany the wonderful Chinese recipes and garnishes inside the book. 


Format: Softcover, 151 pages 

Copyright: 1982. 

Publisher: Wei-Chuan's Cookbook

Author: Huang Su-Huei 

ISBN: 9780941676014

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Description: Appetizers and garnishes require particular techniques to prepare. The artistic carving techniques belong to a special class in the art of serving Chinese cuisine. The carving techniques take practice to acquire: however, once the techniques have been acquired, any creative design may be made. Suitable cutting utensils are necessary. The utensils and carving tools used by the experts differed with individual preference. A thin-blade cleaver and a sharp pointed knife were used to prepare most of the garnishes. only the intricate designs and special garnishes required the use of the special carving tools. The names of the carving tools used for the special garnishes are listed in another section of this book. 

The Chinese Appetizers and Garnishes cookbook includes: 

  • Appetizers and garnishes that are presented according to difficulty, ingredients, and occasions they are usually served.
  • various methods of carving that are clearly explained and can be easily followed by looking at the smaller "hands on" photographs.
  • Procedures that range in difficulty from simple to complex. The wide variety allows the selection of the piirticiilar appetizers and garnishes to suit the individual needs.
  • A collection of special appetizers and garnishes that may be used for special occasions.

The collection of garnishes and appetizers for this book is extensive. A select few were chosen for this edition. We found the art of carving and preparing garnishes to be very interesting and that it could be adapted by the maker, depending upon the facility in the use of the tools and the creative ability of each person. 

The purpose of this book is to serve as a reference book. I hope the readers will be inspired to do more research on their own to learn more about this art form. In addition, I hope that after the basic techniques are learned, the reader will create individual designs and develop new carving techniques. 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in good condition. There is a removable plastic protector on it that has some openings in the plastic. 

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