Cherry Cookbook

If you love cooking with cherries, here's the cook book for you. The Cherry Cookbook is a 90-page book of cherry recipes. 


Format: Softcover, 90 pages. 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Emporium Publications 

Author: Cynthia and Jerome Rubin 

ISBN: 9780882780146

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Description: This delectable fruit originated in Asia Minor and was named for the Turkish town of Cerasus, now called Giresun. The earliest known mention of cherries was made in 300 B.C. when Theophrastus, a Greek botanist, described a cherry tree. It is said that Lucullus, Roman gastronome, brought the cherry tree to Rome after returning from a battle. Early settlers in America brought the cherry with them. In 1629 the Red Kentish cherry was being cultivated in Massachusetts. Many colonial homes had a cherry tree. 

Cherries are divided into two groups; sweet and sour. The sweet cherries are the larger of the two. They are cultivated mostly west of the Rocky Mountains as well as in New York and the Great Lakes region. Sour cherries are rounder, softer fruit, cultivated in the Atlantic states and west to the Mississippi. Wisconsin, New York and Michigan lead in the production of sour cherries.

Cherries are used in a variety of dishes including desserts, main dishes, soups and breads. We have assembled here a collection of some of our favorites. 


Condition: Cover has some small deep scratches. Further, good condition. 

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