Chef Chu's China Cookbook - San Francisco Peninsula Restaurant

Chef Chu's Distinctive Cuisine of China cookbook shares recipes from the owner of the famous San Francisco Peninsula Chinese restaurant. You'll enjoy bringing home Chinese dishes like those in Chef Chu's restaurant kitchen. 


Format: Softcover and dust jacket, 224 pages 


Publisher: Van Lachlan & Lange 

Author: Lawrence C. C. Chu 

ISBN: 9780060915056

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Description: Chef Lawrence C. C. Chu, with 20 years of restaurant experience, tells you how to prepare Chinese dishes that rival those served in his enormously popular restaurant. 

Chef Chu's Distinctive Cuisine of China includes: 

  • Classic recipes from the four gastronomical regions -- Peking, Shanghai, Canton, and Szechuan
  • Plus family-style recipes served in Chinese homes
  • Essential cooking and cutting techniques, clearly explained, easy to master
  • Tips on make-ahead dishes and how to pull off a banquet at home
  • Restaurant secrets on how to give professional, dramatic touches to your presentation
  • Vegetarian and Diet-coded dishes
  • How-to shop for Chinese products, what to look for when seeking out the freshest ingredients
  • How-to visualize a dish before you begin cooking
  • What to do with leftovers -- those tasty morsels you take home in little boxes from Chinese restaurants

This cookbook represents authentic recipes of a masterful chef -- no substitutions of Chinese ingredients are recommended to acknowledge the growing sophistication of American cooks and their desire to recreate and serve the truest of Chinese cuisine. Each recipe has been tried in American kitchens to verify clarity of instruction and ease of preparation. 


Condition: Good condition with minor shelf wear. 

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