Chatter with the Batter Vintage Cookbook - Mother Barbour - Signed

Chatter with the Batter Vintage Cookbook by Mother Barbour of radios One Man's Family is a signed cookbook. This is the story of Minetta Ellen and her favorite recipes. The book was published in 1948. 


Format: Softcover spiral, 119 pages - Signed by author Mother Barbour (Minetta Ellen). 

Copyright: 1948 

Publisher: Industrial Arts Press Publishing

Author: Minetta Ellen 

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Additional Details

Description: Chatter with Batter is a signed cookbook collectible with the favorite recipes of the author, Minetta Ellen. She was a radio personality -- Mother Barbour from the radio show One Man's Family. Baked Bananas, Prune Bread, Cream of Chicken Soup Souffle, Hamburg Steak, and other recipes are found inside this vintage cookbook. 


Condition: Fair condition. Front cover has tear and creases. A handful of interior pages have small tears and spots.  

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