Charlie Trotter's Cookbook Chicago Restaurant

Charlie Trotter's Cookbook is from owner of the Chicago restaurant of the same name. Chef Trotter brings you 72 favorite dishes from his collection of recipes that are the building blocks of even more dishes. This is a visually stunning cookbook with beautiful close up photos of the final prepared dishes--inspired by French cuisine. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 215 pages 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: Ten Speed Press 

Author: Charlie Trotter 

ISBN: 9780898156287

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Description: Charlie Trotter began cooking in late 1982 after graduating from college. Since 1987, when he opened his quietly elegant Chicago townhouse restaurant, his personal reputation and the restaurant's success have both soared swiftly to the very top. Chef Trotter's cuisine receives both the highest possible ratings from critics and the continual praise and patronage of diners. 

Charlie Trotter's unique cuisine, though rooted in classic French traditions, uses the freshest possible ingredients to create splendid, innovative recipes that blend techniques and flavors from around the world. Infused oils, delicate vinaigrettes, vegetable broths, and light meat and fish stock reductions form the heart of Chef Trotter's cooking. The unexpected and often unfamiliar combinations of ingredients add a sense of surprise and excitement to the pleasures of dining well. 

Charlie Trotter's award-winning wine list was created with his culinary philosophy in mind. The food and wine are intended not only to complement, but to inspire one another, making the selection and interplay of the wine and food an integral part of the dining experience. 

For this cookbook Chef Trotter has brought together 72 of his favorite dishes, with wine commentary, organized around the way he conceives of a dozen or so basic foodstuffs as building blocks that can be handled in newly creative ways. The emphasis is on spontaneity and refined innovation. By showing the reader some of the wonderful surprises that are possible through relaxing the "rules" enough to permit experimentation, Chef Trotter shows that fine cuisine's possibilities are virtually limitless. The recipes presented in this book are meant not only to be made and enjoyed, but to serve as a guide and inspiration to the wonders that can come out of a kitchen. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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