Charleston Recollections and Receipts Rose Ravenel's Cookbook

From Shrimp Bisque to Charlotte Russe, Rose Ravenel's Charleston Recollections and Receipts cookbook features authentic Southern dishes collected by Ravenel. This nostalgic cookbook of Charleston menus and recipes is truly a treasure. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 91 pages. 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: Lellyet and Rogers 

Author: Elizabeth R. Harrigan 

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Description: This is a unique collection of Charleston memories and receipts. The majority of the receipts were compiled by Rose Pringle Ravenel (1850–1943) and were based on an earlier collection given to her by her mother, Eliza Butler Ravenel, wife of William Ravenel, Charleston planter, merchant and shipowner. 

During her long life, Miss Ravenel collected over 200 receipts from Charleston ladies of her acquaintance. The editor, her great-niece, has put together a selection from these and others to create twelve delicious Charleston meals. 

Rose P Ravenel kept notebooks throughout her life and set down stories of the Carolina Lowcountry, plus accounts of the Ravenel family, which has been in South Carolina since the 1680's, as well as reminiscences of her life and the life of her father. The notebooks were edited and published in 1952 as Piazza Tales: A Charleston Memory (The Shaftesbury Press). Excerpts from Piazza Tales are included in this book in order to shed light on Miss Ravenel's world and to illustrate her humor and insights. Also included are Charleston drawings by Miss Rose Ravenel. 

All recipes have been tested. Special thanks are due Mrs. George Bellows and Mrs. David Landon for their fine talent in this area. The transcript is a free one, with an emphasis on the life of a bygone era and the author's highly individual temperament. Recipes calling for large quantities or with archaic instructions have a modern translation. 


Condition: Back cover has a small crease. Further good condition. 

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