Chan-ese Way Cookbook

Chan-ese Way Cookbook - Titus Chan's Chinese Cuisine Classes share recipes from his KHET-TV Honolulu TV series. This now vintage cookbook from 1975 is a wonderful cookbook wiht both Cantonese and North Chinese dishes reflected inside. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 124 pages. 

Copyright: 1975 

Publisher: Reston Publishing Company, Inc. 

Author: Titus Chan 

ISBN: 9780879091170

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Description: Response to Titus Chan's Chinese Cuisine classes -- live and on television -- has been little short of phenomenal. His Chinese recipes, wit, and cultural interpretation demanded an avid and faithful audience 40 million strong on PBS affiliates in its dual run in 1973. A star was born when KHET-TV in Honolulu, Titus Chan's home city, produced the 13 half-hour programs entitled "The Chan-ese Way," and here in this volume are the very same recipes presented so creatively, personally, and successfully in this television series.  

The soups, beef, pork, and chicken dishes, the seafood, and the vegetables are all here just as they were presented on television. Rainbow soup, paper wrapped beef, pork taro, soyau chicken, black bean butterfish, and poached watercress -- they, and many, many more equally delicious, easily prepared Chinese recipes are layed out in very visible, simple-to-read style. 

Of the 25 schools of Chinese cooking, Cantonese and Northern Chinese dishes are both presented here, but emphasis is on the Cantonese, known for its well-blended flavors and fast cooking time. The most commonly used cooking techniques -- steaming, stir-frying, fricas-seeing, roasting, barbecuing or grilling, deep frying, and red cooking are all included. Especially notable are the separate, complete chapters on using the wok, ordering Chinese food, using chopsticks, Chinese tea and wine, and the theory and development of Chinese Cuisine. 

This last topic is of special interest to Titus Chan himself who says, "The Chinese and Americans have been separated for over 22 years. I not only show the better type of Chinese cooking through recipes, I bring in culture. I think it is time for the U.S. and China to get to know each other." 


Condition: Dust jacket has torn off piece and heavy tears. Cover and interior in good condition. 

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