Cat Cora Classics with a Twist Cookbook

Cat Cora Classics with a Twist Cookbook is an exciting recipe book from one of the world's most respected chefs. Cat Cora does exactly as her book's title touts -- she offers some variations on classic recipes that turn the dish into something new. For example, take Baked Sweet Potato Frites. Now twist them with her "Twist It" tips and you come out with Garlic and Parsley Frites.  


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 228 pages 

Copyright: 2010 

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Author: Cat Cora with Ann Krueger Spivack 

ISBN: 9780547126036

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Description: On The Food Network, Iron Chef Cat Cora fires up the imagination of millions of cooks by improvising exciting dishes while the clock is ticking. Now in Cat Cora's Classics with a Twist, she shares the reci­pes she makes where cooking really counts: at home. 

If you're searching for casual fare that looks as if you spent hours on it (but takes a fraction of the time), you'll want to try tomato-moz­zarella skewers with Bloody Mary vinaigrette (with crispy onion rings on the side), fettuc­cine with scallops and lime, and blueberry-lemon poppyseed upside-down cake. 

And if you need fast, healthful meals, you'll find delicious inspiration in this book. These are the meals that Cat puts together after work for her own family, including her four boys under the age of seven: enchilada pie, easy chicken curry, bucatim pasta with ba­con, and crispy baked fish sticks with honey mustard dipping sauce. 

Wish your favorite dishes were a little fast­er, fresher, and brighter-flavored? Then you'll welcome Cat's takes on the classics: baked "fried" calamari, soft tacos with grilled flank steak and pineapple salsa, and cherry-filled chocolate cupcakes. Many, like Greek-style nachos, "pulled pork" sloppy joes, and red vel­vet coconut cake, are Cat's spins on foods she enjoyed as a child growing up in a Greek fam­ily in the South. 

Cat helps you sneak out a few calories (when it improves the taste) and freshen things up, slipping chipotle chile croutons into Cae­sar salad or lemongrass into coq au vin. She reveals the secrets she learned over decades of cooking in restaurants. Best of all, Cat shows you how to "twist" these recipes, changing each one in subtle or dramatic ways the next time to make it your very own. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Dust jacket top corner tip has very tiny fray at the point.

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