Carefree Cook Cookbook

Recipes in the Carefree Cook cookbook are made with five ingredients or less and within fifteen minutes. 


Format: Hardcover, 342 pages 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: Broadway Books 

Author: Rick Rodgers 

ISBN: 9780767914635

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The Carefree Cook is about how to get fantastic flavors in your everyday cooking with a minimum of effort. It is not about cooking with less than five ingredients, or getting dinner on the table in fifteen minutes. Nonetheless, wherever feasible, I have kept the ingredients lists short, and very few recipes have more than five steps. The many dishes that can be cooked in under thirty minutes have been designated with a note at the top of the recipe. 

The Carefree Cook is also about learning. As a cooking teacher, I know that the more you understand ingredients and techniques, the better your food will be. So you will find tips, tricks, and other information throughout the book that will help you in the kitchen. And I have written detailed recipes to be sure that your version of a dish turns out as well as mine. I don't want you to cook with a stopwatch by your side, because there are many variables that change a recipe, the exact heat of your stovetop flame, for example. But I resisted writing "short" recipes just to give the reader the impression that every recipe can be made in the blink of an eye.< /p>

And, finally, this book is about sharing. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. 

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