Capital Cookbook - Canberra Australia

The Capital Cookbook highlights regional cuisine from top restaurants in Canberra Australia, its capital city. 


Format: Hardcover, 147 pages 


Publisher: Abalholt Ltd. 

Author: Zorana Grbic 

ISBN: 9780646437996

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Description: Canberra. The meeting place. The city of incomparable beauty. The city with soul warming good food. Canberra, an aboriginal word for Meeting Place, has certainly lived up to its name for me. Canberra has been my home for the past 24 years. 

With this book I have been indulged and certainly privileged in being able to combine two of my favourite pleasures, continually discovering the beauty of this city and its cuisine. I am forever amazed at the extraordinary vision of choosing an unforgiving land, and turning it into a stunning city resting around the lakeshores. 

I have now rediscovered the enormous beauty of Canberra, this time through the lens of a talented photographer who as you will see has captured images of Canberra which show it as "city with soul", full of natural beauty, world standard culture and art and a sense of community that fulfils our essential need of belonging. 

I have combined all of this with another pleasure that can warm up your soul, Good Food! Some of Canberra's celebrated chefs have opened their kitchen doors and shared their secrets with us. Real masters of their profession and larger than life characters they are the true hosts of Canberra. 

By letting me into their world for such a brief moment I have witnessed the enormous complexity of their profession. They handle the pressure with such grace and ease that I now see that they are maestros of the kitchen. 

Some of the memorable experiences were at Belluci's Woden where Frank defies gravity and I am yet to see his feet touch the floor. The Green Herring appears from the outside like a rambling cottage from yesteryear. But it is once you enter, taste Graham's food and listen to him "talk food" that you are transported into a truly seductive atmosphere. Milk & Honey's Miriana, is as smooth and sweet as the name suggests. She welcomes guests with a smile that can light up a city block. James in the lush surroundings of Aubergine and Courgette is serene and confident as the "King of Food" should be. 

One last indulgence. I have shared with you a recipe my grandmother used to make. Simple, yet deliciously indulgent in an old fashioned way. In a family of girls I was lucky to inherit her cookbook. As in her cookbook, I have left a few pages at the back for notes so that you can jot down places you might like to visit, food to cook and friends to invite! 



Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in beautiful condition. 

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