The Cape Cod Cook Book - 1930

The Cape Cod Cook Book from 1930 is a vintage regional cookbook with recipes from the community, tea rooms, and local church members. This is a great vintage find and a wonderful source of Cape Cod recipes. 


Format: Hardcover, 214 pages. 

Copyright: 1930 

Publisher: Little Brown and Company 

Author: Suzanne Cary Gruver 

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Description: One way of having a good time has been to collect the recipes herewith presented, with the tang of the sea still on them. They are representative of both the old and the new Cape Cod. 

The recipes have been gathered during many seasons of contact with Cape Cod folks, and from many sources: families of sea captains, famous for good living; managers of popular tea rooms dotting the Cape; the "lady who made that cake" at some notably good church supper; and for several contributions, the sophisticated cooks of that floating population -- the motoring and cottage-holding summer residents. 

The sophisticates are unmistakably "hard put to it" to hold their own with the native cooks. The ease with which a Cape Cod lady tosses up a juicy clam pie, or turns out a crockful of wafer-thin cookies is amazing, while her Aladdin-like construction of a four-storied layer cake is nothing short of inspiration. Some of the older recipes are family affairs and have not before appeared in print. 


Condition: Good condition. Cover has minor cloth wear at corners. 

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