Canyon Ranch Spa Cooking Cookbook

Canyon Ranch Spa Cooking cookbook from a famous spa resort in Arizona and Massachusetts proves that low fat, low cal healthy recipes can still be delicious. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 438 pages 

Copyright: 1998, First Edition 

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers 

Author: Jeanne Jones 

ISBN: 9780060187187

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The two Canyon Ranch spas are rated number one and number two (they alternate positions) over and over by Conde Nast Traveler. Part of the allure are the stunning locations, in the hills outside Tucson, Arizona, and in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, but one of the best parts of a visit to Canyon Ranch is the food. 

Jeanne Jones developed and supervised the Canyon Ranch menu, and in Canyon Ranch Cooking, she offers everyone a chance to eat the spas' low-cal, low-fat delicious food. The recipes all have detailed nutritional breakdowns to help you plan a healthy meal with a lot of variety. Perhaps best of all are the tips and techniques to help enhance flavor without adding calories. 

Why does spa food taste so good when nearly all the fat has been removed? Jones reveals all the secrets, such as adding citrus or vinegar to lift "flat" flavors; grilling over aromatic wood; marinating meat and vegetables; cooking at low temperatures for long periods to "marry" flavors; roasting rapidly for crispy crusts and tender interiors; using dried fruit for rich and creamy fat-free sauces; and much, much more. Try the Canyon Ranch Guacamole, Osso Bucco, and Cheese Enchiladas; enjoy Chocolate Mint Cake and Cherry Streusel Pie. This is not a cuisine of deprivation, the food is wonderful, and the recipes for making it easy and sensible. 

This book can't give you a workout or a hike, but it does tell you how to plan your own spa weekend at home, with suggestions for exercise, relaxation, even theme parties for special Saturday night dining. The wonderful recipes and the luscious photographs are here to delight and inspire. With Canyon Ranch Cooking, the spa comes to you. 


Condition: Good condition.

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