Can the Greeks Cook

Can the Greeks Cook brings you generations of Greek recipes. Everything from soups through to desserts are found inside this cookbook treasure. Stuffed Grapevine Leaves, Potato Pancakes, Baked Chicken Greek Style, Eggplant Casserole, and Walnut Honey Cake are some of the delicious recipes inside this vintage cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 121 pages 

Copyright: 1976, Eighth 

Publisher: The Dietz Press, Inc. 

Author: Fannie Venos and Lillian Prichard 

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Description: To the thousands of second and third generation young men and women of Greek descent, who associate their childhood days with memories of tasty and appetizing menus of their mother's kitchen, we have endeavored to put into our book a cross-section of Greek recipes handed down from generation to generation originating in Greece. 

To those who are unaware of the taste treats which await them once they try our Greek recipes, we feel they will become steadfast lovers of the Greek kitchen. 

Inside Can the Greeks Cook you will find recipes for meats cooked with rare seasonings; fish dishes to delight the palate of the most fastidious; soups of every kind; salads that are "out of this world" to see as well as to eat; pastries rich and succulent which are associated with Greek festivals and celebrations; vegetables cooked with that certain "something" which makes them different from other recipes; and many delightful adventures in tasty eating. 

Among the famous Greek recipes included are the rich sugar-coated kourambiatfies that melt in your mouth; baklavah, rich and juicy, made of layer upon layer of pastry filled with nuts and topped with a rich syrup; avgolemono soup, tart and wholesome; pilaffe dishes; and many variations of fish dishes. 

The writer has included in the book short features on the Greek festivals, Easter, Epiphany, weddings, superstitions, and customs. With many of the recipes are short explanatory paragraphs showing when and why certain recipes are used on certain occasions. We feel assured that once you step into the Greek kitchen you will not want to leave. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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