Cajun Men Cook Beaver Club Lafayette Louisiana

Cajun Men Cook - Beaver Club Lafayette, Louisiana Cookbook showcases 262 Cajun recipes developed by the men of Acadiana. 


Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 254 pages 

Copyright: 1995, Second Printing 

Publisher: Beaver Club Lafayette 

Author: Members of the Beaver Club of Lafayette, Louisiana 

ISBN: 9780964248601

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Description: One of the best kept secrets of Cajun culture is that its men cook; and they cook really well! The culinary flair of male cooks of Acadiana is legendary -- these men love to cook. 

Unique to Cajun Men Cook are the 262 recipes exclusively created and executed by the men of Acadiana. Peppered throughout, just like the ubiquitous seasoning of our food, are stories, anecdotes, and reminiscences of its men. The recipes and stories form a glance into a rarely revealed facet of Cajun life. 

Legendary are the restaurants of Acadiana and the chefs who have made them famous. A bonus is the Celebrity Chefs Section featuring the often secret recipes of these fabled men, our lagniappe to you. 

Beautifully illustrated, full of novel food combinations, and lore, the Cajun Men Cook cookbook is just like one of its most famous dishes, gumbo -- spicy, rich, memorable and worth every bite.


Condition: Good condition 

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