The Cajun Gourmet: Afloat and On the Road - Signed Edition

The Cajun Gourmet: Afloat and On the Road signed edition from chef Carlos Dinapoli. The cookbook has 550 Cajun Creole recipes and makes for entertaining reading with down Bayou humor, entertaining reading, and fantastic tastes. 


Format: Softcover, 265 pages 

Copyright: 1994, Eighth Printing 

Publisher: Hawk Publications 

Author: Carlo Dinapoli 

ISBN: 9780962794612

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Description: Dishes inside this Cajun Gourmet cookbook were created in the kitchens of Louisiana. These recipes bring to light the true taste of Cajun Creole cooking and modernize the techniques of its preparation. The famous jambalayas, etouffees, gumbos, and blackened redfish are all presented with speed and simplicity while maintaining the taste and aroma of fine Cajun Creole cooking with a drastic reduction in calories said Chef Julia LeGrand about The Cajun Gourmet cookbook. 


Condition: Good condition. Minor shelf wear. 

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