Ate Ender Cookbook - Cairn Lassies Minnesota

Ate Ender Cookbook presents recipes from the Arden Hills Cairn Lassies and St. Paul Bonnie Spielers in Minnesota. Recipes contain the name of their respective contributor. 


Format: Softcover spiral, 255 pages. 

Copyright: 1985

Publisher: Cookbook Publishers, Inc. 

Author: Members of the Saint Paul Curling Club 

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Description: This book is a collection of recipes from both the St. Paul Bonnie Spielers and the Arden Hills Cairn Lassies of Minnesota. 

For non-curlers, we will give a short description of the grand ole game of CURLING. It was originally played many years ago on the frozen lakes and ponds of Scotland. It is now played inside heated buildings on sheets of man-made ice. A curling game is played by two teams called rinks, consisting of four members on a team. 

The skip (captain) stands at one end of the ice and signals with the broom exactly what type of shot he wishes his teammates to throw. They throw or deliver a 43 pound, smooth, granite stone with a handle on top. The object is to slide the stone over the sheet to the center of the target at the opposite end of the sheet, called the "house," a distance of 126 feet. 

An important feature of the game is the vigorous "sweep- ing" done by the players on the rink. Straw brooms or bristle brushes are used to sweep in front of the stone. Each player delivers two stones alternately with his oppo- nent until 16 stones have been played to complete the end. A game consists of either 8 or 10 ends. 

Curling clubs have many tournaments among club mem- bers and with other curling clubs — these tournaments are called "Bonspiels." An important part of a bonspiel is the food served to the participants. These are all recipes used and enjoyed by fellow curlers. We hope you, too, will enjoy them. GOOD CURLING ... and, GOOD EATING!. 


Condition: Fair condition. Some small stains on the covers. Four spiral rings are bent. 

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