Budget Cookbook - Vintage 1935

Budget Cookbook is a vintage 1935 recipe book from Ida Bailey Allen. The book was published by Best Foods company. The book sought out to offer delicious, nutritious recipes at a low cost. It discusses New Nucoa, a margarine or butter-like spread with many fans. 


Format: Hardcover, 127 pages 

Copyright: 1935 

Publisher: The Best Foods, Inc. 

Author: Ida Bailey Allen 

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Description: The Budget Cookbook is a vintage cookbook with low cost, nutritious recipes of the past like Fig and Nut Bread, Hollywood Cheese Puff, Western Baked Beans, Lentil and Potato Platter, Cinnamon Rice Pudding, and more. Recipes utilize "New Nucoa." 


Condition: Cover in fair condition. Spine cloth is torn about a third of the length. Interior pages have some spots and wear. 

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