Brown Derby Restaurant Cookbook - Hollywood, CA

Brown Derby Restaurant Cookbook - Hollywood, CA is a wonderful cookbook collectible. This historic landmark restaurant in Hollywood is happy memory for so many. It is believed to be the place that the the Cobb Salad was first developed. in 1987 a fire destroyed a good deal of the restaurant and it was closed. Many still likely mourn its loss in Hollywood. This cookbook offers the chance to revive its beloved recipes, along with those of its staff. 


Format: Hardcover, 359 pages 

Copyright: 1949 

Publisher: Doubleday and Company 

Author: The Brown Derby 

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Description: The Brown Derby restaurant is a legend in its own time. Truly, a historical landmark, inseparably linked to the saga of Hollywood, California. It is difficult to imagine the nation's most famous intersection, Hollywood and Vine, without The Brown Derby Restaurant and vice versa. 

The Brown Derby Cookbook showcases its recipes with its staff's treasured recipes for all the generations of gourmets to savor so long as food is more than just "something to eat."


Condition: Good condition. No dust jacket. Light cover spots and some frayed cloth at corners with board peeking out of one corner.

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