Brooklyn Cookbook

Brooklyn Cookbook brings you all the recipes from one of America's melting pots of cuisines. Here you will find 250 regional dishes inspired by Brooklyn, New York's nostalgic past. Knishes that Mrs. Stahl sold on boardwalk during the depression, Danny Kaye's Szechuwan Beef Wrapped in Chinese Tortillas, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Herb Bread, Junior's Cheesecake, and so many more dishes like thse are found inside this regional treasure. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 415 pages. 

Copyright: 1994, 6th Printing 

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf 

Author: Lyn Stallworth and Rod Kennedy, Jr 

ISBN: 9780394584171

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Description: All the ingredients for that great zesty stew we call American cooking can be found in Brooklyn. And they are celebrated here in this delicious, exuberant "community cookbook." 

First the Dutch, then waves of Jews, Italians, Scandinavians, Irish, Middle Easterners, African-Americans, Hispanics, Poles, Germans, and Greeks came and brought their foodways with them, perfuming the sea air with native specialties, peddling their wares from pushcarts, establishing local eating places like Lundy's, Primorski, L. & B. Spumoni Gardens, Gage & Tollner, and Nathan's Famous. Neighborhoods changed and newcomers moved in -- from Central America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Newfoundland -- bringing new accents to the rich ragout of flavors. Now they are all gathered here in The Brooklyn Cookbook, a chorus of diverse voices sharing their recipes (250 of them) and their memories of food. 


Among the recipes: 

  • The knishes that Mrs. Stahl sold on the boardwalk during the Depression --"cheap, filling, and delicious" 
  • Totonno's Pizza (or, as they say in Brooklyn, "ahbeetz") from Coney Island's Neptune Avenue 
  • Thai-Style Topping for Pan-Fried Fish from Captain Anne O'Driscoll of the Sheepshead Bay Fishing Fleet Association 
  • Louise Tumminia's Panzarotti—Neapolitan potato and cheese croquettes, "served at important occasions" 
  • Danny Kaye's Szechwan Beef wrapped in "Chinese tortillas" 
  • Norwegian Krumkaker—curled cookies filled with whipped cream and cloudberries 
  • Dee Dee Dailey's Pigeon Peas and Rice, blending Caribbean and African-American flavors 
  • The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Herb Bread 
  • Junior's Cheesecake from the sixty-two-year-old deli/restaurant on Flatbush Avenue 
  • Egg Creams—made, of course, with Fox's U-Bet Syrup 

And much, much more. Every recipe has a story -- from memories of block parties and Football Weddings to feeding the Dodgers and the Polar Bear swimmers who brave the icy waters of the Atlantic all winter -- with wonderful nostalgic photographs. Family, tradition, and neighborhood are at the heart of Brooklyn life. And it is the food -- reflected in the kinds of recipes gathered here -- that expresses these values. 


Condition: Interior jacket flap has heavy crease. Top right corner of jacket has minor wear at tip. Further, good condition. 

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