British Cookery

British Cookery contains 2,000 recipes. It's no wonder this comprehensive cooking guide with cuisine England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales is a classic cookbook. Yorkshire Pudding; Castle Pudding; Parsnips, Potato, and Bacon; Cornish Black Cake, and Everton Toffee are some of the recipes inside this special cookbook. This cookbook was published in the U.S. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 640 pages. 

Copyright: 1976 

Publisher: The Overlook Press 

Editor: Lizzie Boyd 

ISBN: 9780879510879

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Description: The Norman Conquest, in 1066, of course changed the track of history but, curiously and happily, it also marked the critical point in the evolution of British cookery; culinary refinements -- together with an uninhibited enjoyment of fine foods and drink that made the British renowned throughout Europe for their good living -- were introduced to the British Isles. Until now, no major work on British cookery has been available; many of the traditional British dishes that evolved during the Norman, medieval, Tudor, and Elizabethan periods were lost to later generations right up to the present day. 

The Overlook publication of British Cookery is a great contribution to the restoration of these splendid native dishes. With 2,000 clearly laid out domestic, regional, and folk cookery recipes, over 50 black and white and color illustrations and charts, a glossary of all relevant foodstuffs, a conversion chart and index, this volume is fascinating to read and use.

Present in all their mouth-watering descriptions are recipes for Yorkshire pudding, Mutton pie, Dorset scalloped crab, Edinburgh fog and many other wonderful foods from all the British Isles -- England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Also included in this extraordinary culinary reference work are sections on the history of British cooking, basic preparations and cookery methods, and an approach to professional cookery, as well as notes on the provenance of each recipe. 

Based on four years of research, that included identifying an enormous range of regional dishes with an elaborate testing program to ensure that the recipes tasted as good as sources indicated, British Cookery is a wonderful cookbook for all professionals and amateurs, clearly the definitive book on the subject. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket is slightly frayed. One recipe has some faded printing. 

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