Alastair Little Keep It Simple British Cookbook

Alastair Little Keep It Simple Cookbook is a cookbook from Britain's new wave chef. The cookbook won the 1994 Glenfiddich Awards Book of the Year. This is the U.S. edition. It contains 100 recipes that are arranged by the seasons. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 192 pages 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: The Overlook Press 

Author: Alastair Little & Richard Whittington 

ISBN: 9780879515478

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Description: Alastair Little's fresh spin on classic cuisine has made him a celebrity among Britain's new wave chefs, and his eponymous restaurant is a mecca for foodies all over the world. Alastair attributes much of his success to his adherence to Escoffier's culinary philosophy of "faites simple" -- keep it simple. Celebrated for his eclectic, classically-inspired cuisine, he's considered one of the world's leading chefs, in a league with Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Boulud. Now Alastair Little guides the way to four- star results at home. 

Little and co-author Richard Whittington wrote this cookbook keeping firmly in mind the difficulties readers often have with cookbooks by celebrity chefs: the recipes often appear too exotic or too daunting to try. In Keep It Simple, the authors have written recipes designed to work in the home kitchen -- and to improve the home cook's knowledge and proficiency along the way. 

The book begins with guidance on shopping, equipment, and technique. The 100 recipes that follow, all seasonally arranged, are both uniquely detailed and written in a personal, entertaining, and helpful way -- it's like having the chef at your elbow as you cook. 

Gloriously illustrated with color photos, here are the sublime dishes for which Little is justifiably famous: Tournedos with Polenta and Salsa Verde, Saute of Chicken with Morels, Minestrone with Pesto, and a perfectly-browned Creme Brulee. Each dish is a symphony of tastes and textures, blended with the subtlety and flair only a top chef like Little could provide. 

This book also introduces such useful chef's practices as mise en place (preparing ahead) and how to cook some dishes to the holding point, so that they can be finished later with a flourish -- indispensable for when you entertain. Never before has a leading chef shared so fully both his influences and his knowledge. 


Condition: Jacket has very tiny tear on upper edge. Further good condition. 

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