Brunch, Brilliant Ideas for Successful Entertaining

Brunch, Brilliant Ideas for Successful Entertaining, is a beautiful cookbook with 90 recipe ideas for brunches. Many recipes are accompanied by a full page, full color photo of the prepared dish. Recipes like Stilton and Chive Scones, Rosemary Almond Waffles, Baked Apples with Amaretti Stuffing, and Ceviche Tostadas, are just a sampling of the dishes inside this cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 144 pages. 

Copyright: 2005 

Publisher: Mcrae Books 

Author: Rachel Lee 

ISBN: 9788889272664

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Additional Details

Description: Avoid the stress of brunching in crowded restaurants by inviting friends and family to enjoy a relaxed meal in the peace and quiet of your own home. 

With Brunch on your kitchen counter, learn how to get most of the food prepared in advance with just the finishing touches to be added on the day. 

Brunch features more than 90 mouth-watering recipes arranged thematically into ten menus: 

  • November in Tuscany 
  • A Parisian Valentine's Day 
  • Metropolitan 
  • Pacific Northwest 
  • English Garden Party 
  • Southern States 
  • Ski Lodge 
  • Mexican 
  • Mediterranean Spring 
  • Southeast Asian 

From the introduction: Some of the menus are large and ambitious, for when you really have the itch to cook up a storm. But in general, the menus are more useful as a list of possible dishes to serve. Make only what you want. Mix and match. The only rule is to have a good time. 

The menus have themes to give them a sense of cohesion, but they are not meant to be "authentic." If you are Mexican or English or Italian, these are not the recipes your mother made when you were growing up. All the recipes are my own interpretation, and I have taken loads of creative license. You should too. Cooking is a creative process. If you don't have an ingredient, improvise. Be adventurous, follow your nose. We have become so wrapped up in a celebrity cooking culture that we are often too intimidated to trust our own senses. You are the expert about what tastes good. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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