Brennan's Restaurant New Orleans Cookbook

Brennan's Restaurant New Orleans Cookbook brings you the dishes from the acclaimed restaurant in the city's French Quarter. Enjoy Brennan's top recipes and take home some of its Southern goodness. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 244 pages 

Copyright: 1964, 10th Printing, New Revised Edition 

Publisher: Robert L. Crager and Company 

Author: Hermann B. Deutsch 

ISBN: 9780882893822

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Description: Brennan's Restaurant has inspired praise in universal acclaim from leading magazines, syndicated columnists, and authorities on food since its comparatively recent arrival on the New Orleans scene. 

New Orelans has always been a gourmet's paradise; its very name is synonymous with fabulous food. Until the creation of the present Brennan's, however, there was no restaurant in New Orleans where the unique cuisine was combined with the glamorous atmosphere that has always been associated with New Orleans' French Quarter. With this magic combination of food and surroundings, Brennan's has skyrocketed to the top of the roster of restaurants and unparalleled popularity: an accepted "must" for visitors to the Crescent City. 

Here, in this cookbook, is the answer to the flood of requests for recipes from Brennan's many of which were created in the kitchen by Chef Paul Blange, and never before put down in writing. You'll find that some of them are amazingly simple to prepare in spite of their impressive appearance at the table. 


Condition: Second page with illustration, but no recipes, has two gift inscriptions. A half dozen pages have spots or stains.

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