Breakfast at Brennan's and Dinner Too SIGNED Cookbook

Breakfast at Brennan's Restaurant and Dinner, Too cookbook from New Orleans features 200 recipes from the famous restaurant along with its history, its family, and more. Enjoy this nostalgic cookbook from one of the South's most popular culinary hot spots. 

This is a signed edition with autographs from Chef Brennan and Executive Chef Michael Rousell.


Format: Hardcover, 287 pages. 

Copyright: 1994, Second Edition 

Publisher: Brennan's, Inc. 

Author: Pip, Jimmy and Ted Brennan 

ISBN: 9780963981905

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Description: A culinary phenomenon since 1946, Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans has created some of the world's most famous and imaginative dishes. Through the years Brennan's incredible food has given great pleasure to millions of people. In this collection of over 200 recipes, Brennan's Restaurant shares with you our gastronomic secrets so that you may recreate these very dishes in your own kitchen. 

But more than our recipes in this most recent cookbook, we share with you Brennan's real history, our legacy, illustrations and memorabilia, in a special tribute to Brennan's founder, the late Owen Edward Brennan. For many years various stories have been written about Brennan's origin and its family. With an enlightening and informative narrative, rich in detail, logic and truth, we hope to put to rest many myths that have evolved. 

Owen Edward Brennan was the culinary renaissance man of his time. His unique concept of "Breakfast at Brennan's" attests to that fact. Owen was called the "wonder man" of the New Orleans restaurant industry and brought his newly founded restaurant to epicurean heights, locally and nationwide, in a very short period of time. He charmed his way into the hearts of many with his ready wit, radiant smile, infectious laugh, incredible imagination and his abounding generosity. 

Owen Edward Brennan's creativity, determination and dedication provided the legacy the Brennan family enjoys today. Had he pursued a different career most probably every Brennan would be a different person today. Owen Edward Brennan became a successful restaurateur and, by doing so, has made fine dining synonymous with the Brennan family name everywhere. 


Condition: Back cover has long thin scratch. Further, good condition.

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