Bread Machine Gourmet

Bread Machine Gourmet contains simple bread recipes for absolutely extraordinary breads of all kinds, including Apple Bread, Challah, Rum Raisin Bread, and more. 


Format: Softcover, 311 pages. 

Copyright: 1993# 

Publisher: Avery 

Author: Shea MacKenzie 

ISBN: 9780895295606

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Description: People everywhere are rediscovering the tantalizing aroma and satisfying taste of freshly baked bread. The new generation of bread machines has taken the mess, drudgery, and guesswork out of making breads. These electronic wonders have made baking simple and fun. And now, with The Bread Machine Gourmet, cooking expert Shea MacKenzie has taken sophisticated bread recipes and adapted them for bread machine use. 

In The Bread Machine Gourmet, Shea presents over one hundred traditional, speciality, and exotic bread recipes -- each kitchen-tested for bread machine performance and lip-smacking taste-ability. Using only natural and wholesome ingredients, the author provides easy-to-use instructions for making both a 1- pound and a 1-1/2 pound machine loaf. From Apple Bread to Yogurt, Onion, and Dill Bread, Shea gives new and exciting meaning to sweet and dense morning breads, whole-grain health breads, fruit- and nut-studded holiday breads, and much more. 

Shea offers complete guidelines for using your machine to create doughs for oven-baking such traditional treats as rolls, pretzels, and brioche. Shea also discusses which ingredients must be avoided in machine baking, and which ingredients require special preparation. And for the more adventurous baker, the author offers clever hints and suggestions for creating your own bread machine recipes. 

With The Bread Machine Gourmet in hand, you will have an invaluable resource of simple recipes for extraordinary breads. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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