Bread Machine Baking Updated Edition

Bread Machine Baking revised and updated edition brings you 75 foolproof recipes for your electric bread machine. 


Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 356 pages. 

Copyright: 1996 

Publisher: William Morrow Cookbooks 

Author: Lora Brody and Millie Apter 

ISBN: 9780688145651

$11.00 $9.99

Additional Details

Description: After Lora Brody and Millie Apter discovered the joys of baking bread in electric bread machines, they decided to create and swap new recipes. Lora would rave about a newly developed recipe and send it to Millie, who would have disastrous results with it. What was going on? 

This mother-daughter team soon learned that the same recipe did not work in all machines, so it was back to the kitchen. After months of testing, they found that the amounts of ingredients and the order in which they are put into the machine affect the taste, crust, and the crumb of the bread. Thanks to them, now you too can discover the best ways to make bakery-fresh bread at the touch of a button! 

Bread Machine Baking -- Perfect Every Time has two features not found in other bread machine books: 

  • Each recipe is geared to a specific electric bread machine. All of the 75 recipes have been individually developed for and tested in every machine on the market. 
  • The innovative sweet and savory bread recipes, ranging from Lemon Mint Bread to Olive Onion Bread, and Granola Cranberry Bread to Chocolate Pecan Biscotti, were developed especially for this book. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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