Bread and Bread Machine Bible

Over 250 international recipes for breads are showcased inside The Bread and Bread Machine Bible. This cookbook is image-rich with a lot of step-by-step photos and photos of the prepared recipes. 


Format: Softcover, 512 pages. 

Copyright: 2002

Publisher: Hermes House

Author: Christine Ingram and Jennie Shapter

ISBN: 9781844771844

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Additional Details

Description: Bread and Bread Machine Bible features 250 recipes for breads from around the world, made both by hand and in a bread machine, with classic favorites and new ideas. 

  • Best-ever home bread-making book: essential information, how-to techniques, and delicious recipes for making every kind of loaf 
  • A complete guide to making bread, from mixing and kneading to glazing and baking 
  • A comprehensive guide to using a bread machine: settings and programs, troubleshooting, and adapting traditional recipes to use in the machine 
  • Features a fully illustrated reference catalog of the distinctive breads to be found around the world 
  • Concise step-by-step instructions and color photographs make each recipe easy to follow, ensuring perfect finished results every time 
  • The ultimate how-to guide, with essential information and step-by-step techniques, shown in more than 1,200 stunning full-color photographs  



Condition: Good condition. One page has light crease. 

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