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What's Cooking Brandeis Bardin Cookbook is a Jewish Kosher recipe book from the Los Angeles Brandeis group. Herein are favorite recipes of members of the community along with the name of each contributor. Recipes are from a variety of cuisines, but all are kosher. Some are Jewish like Tzimmes, Mock Kishka, Aunt Ollie's Kuchel, Matzo Kugels, and more. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 302 pages 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: Brandeis Bardin 

Author: Members of Brandeis Bardin 

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Description: The idea for this kosher cookbook emerged from potluck Shabbat dinners at the homes of the Brandeis Bardin Young Adults. There are always fantastic dishes, and recipe swapping in constant. And, the group felt it would be great to have a cookbook of all of their favorite recipes. 

This book contains a collection of the top recipes of Brandeis-Bardin Institute members, their familieis and friends. The format is simple. If your meal is dairy, then choose recipes from the dairy and pareve sections; if it contains meat, then the meat and pareve sections are appropriate. If time is of the essence, there are certain recipes designed for quick and easy preparation and they are labeled with an asterisk. 

Los Angeles is the center of a large and flourishing Jewish community. This book has been illustrated with everyday scenes from markets and restaurants in the area, particularly those where kosher food can be found. 


Condition: Excellent condition. 

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