Born to Grill Cookbook

Born to Grill Cookbook contains 300 grilling recipes for your barbecue. Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison take you beyond staple barbecue dishes and offer up mouthwatering grilled specialties like Pale Ale Porterhouse and Southern-Style Cinnamon Chicken. We are getting hungry! 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 500 pages. 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Harvard Common Press 

Author: Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison 

ISBN: 9781558321113

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Description: People cook over an open flame the world round, but Americans do it more often and better. Grilling is the essential American culinary art, a glorious birthright celebrated every day from coast to coast. It's a passion, a party, a way to cook that won't let you call it a chore. It's about playing with fire under an open sky, wielding a mean spatula in one hand, a cool drink in the other. 

Most of all, it's a surefire means to get yourself from here to a decent meal, having loads of fun along the way. Make that a great meal: In more than 300 recipes, Cheryl and Bill Jamison reveal the tremendous variety of terrific flavors that can come from the primal encounter of food and flame. Authors of the pioneering and bestselling Smoke & Spice, which has shown a generation of backyard chefs how to cook wood-smoked barbecue, the Jamisons now aim their expert sights on grilling, the most popular kind of outdoor cooking. 

Based on years of testing, the Jamisons argue for a back-to-basics, high-heat, "open air, open flame" approach, a sensual and elemental way to grill that doesn't require equipment with more bells and whistles than the Queen Mary. Though today's grill might be fashioned to roast, bake, or smoke, even boil, steam, and saute, these pages remind us that it was, happily for us, made to grill. 

The Jamisons open up a roadmap that will guide the griller beyond steaks, burgers, and hot dogs, but they invite us, in chapters called "Serious Steaks" and "Hot Burgers and Haute Dogs," to delay our departure and explore the depths of those timeless favorites. A Pale Ale Porterhouse, a Basil and Sage T-Bone, a Devilish Horseradish Burger, a Crunchy Kraut Dog, and more make the decision fully worth our while. Is chicken the choice on your grill grate? Then why not ramble out west, for Hearty Ranch Chicken Halves, or try a Southern-style Cinnamon Chicken with Crunchy Cashew Relish? For fans of seafood, the Jamisons serve up oceans (and lakes and streams) full of tasty fish and shellfish, from one coast's Boston Striper to the other's San Francisco Sole. 

Out on the horizon, Born to Grill uncovers alluring new terrain. Salads, pastas, and soups infused with the smoky taste of flame-kissed ingredients, splendid pizzas and tortilla dishes prepared on the grill; vegetables, juicy and crisp, in main dishes and sides; fruits and desserts for a finger-lickin' finish -- all these and more make the griller's domain bigger and more delectable than it's ever been. 

In Born to Grill, Cheryl and Bill Jamison celebrate the classic repertoire of the American grill. With down-to-earth wit, expertise you can take to the bank, and, above all, an abundant culinary imagination, they add mightily to it. They'll make you feel, if you don't already, downright lucky you, too, were born to grill. 


Condition: Very nice condition with only extremely minor shelf wear to the jacket. 

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