Lahaina Yacht Club Cookbook Maui, Hawaii - Boomvanger's

Boomvanger's Cookbook from the Lahaina Yacht Club in Maui, Hawaii is a community cookbook from members of the Club. Each recipe contains the name of its contributor. Dishes include many regional and tropical dishes such as Mikey's MahiMahi, Aloha Dream Boats, Hawaiian Dream Cake and other tantalizing dishes from around the country.  


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 213 pages  

Copyright: N/A

Publisher: Lahaina Yacht Club Maui 

Author: Members of the Boomvanger's Lahaina Yacht Club Maui, Hawaii  

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Additional Details

Description: This community cookbook showcases Club members' favorite recipes. Members joined from around the country to contribute a collection of island favorites and family dishes.  


Condition: Inside cover has name in red ink. Cover has minor rubbing. Further good condition. 

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